Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Waking Ned Devine

(A series of posts leading up to/including The Nocturnes Photo Tour in the West of Ireland, July 15-25, 2013; with a personal Genealogical Research Extension, in and around Ballina, up in County Mayo, July 25-29)

What with all the ruckus running about, regarding Powerball, the latest offering to the citizenry of California by the State Lottery - I thought I'd direct you all to a little film called "Waking Ned Devine." Set in the tiny fictional Irish village of Tulaigh Mhór (Tullymore), the film traces the lengths the village populace go to, in order to claim the Lottery prize that Ned has won - did I mention that he died of shock when he found out he had the winning ticket!

(Odds are . . . )

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