Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is there anybody out there . . . ?

Did you know that I'll be leading an introductory NPy Workshop on Mare Island this weekend - as part of the SF Bay Area Flyway Festival?

Just to see if anyone is paying attention - we MAY have two or three slots available for this special (FREE) Introduction to Night Photography (Saturday, February 3rd, from 8-11pm in Mare Island's Historic Core) and my favorite place to photograph. So-o-o, if you respond here to this post, we'll put your name on a LITTLE sheet of paper, in a BIG box, and do a drawing to see who gets the slots (provided there are any - from the participants of the Flyway Festival).

Of course, if we get a flood of registrations from the Flyway, this offer will be void. The deadline for those people attending the Festival (and we're on the Honor System here, folks!) is February 1, 2007 - we can let you know if you're one of the lucky ones to go - we'll let you know by email that night.

Stay tuned . . .

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Flickr this, my friend!

Image Copyright Tim Baskerville
NOTE: there's a theme contest: "Night Photography on Flickr" - for one week only (just announced today - 1/24/07)
See the site for more details.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

I feel like I owe it to . . . someone.

This box set of David Crosby's work - both solo work and that done with the various groups he's been involved with (Byrds, CSN, etc.) hasn't left my 'puter since X-mas (a gift: "from me to me"), as I labor away at the keyboard (note the title for the previous post . . . ).

Of course, the stuff he did with CSN, included on the first two discs is great; but the highlight, aside from the Byrds material (how great a song is Eight Miles High!) has to be Disc 3 - "Buried Treasure" with alternate takes and prviously unreleased works, including a version of Guinnevere, with Jack Casady on bass (to say he plays 'bass' is an understatement!) and Cyrus Faryar on bouzouki!

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All along the Blue Shore . . .

Maybe Andy Frazer, in his posts to his NPy blog, and I are on parallel courses. No sooner had I rec'd an email from Toby Keller about his work/site update (deciding to link him to The Nocturnes links page) than we saw this posting on Andy's blog. Maybe it is a small World Wide NPy Web, after all!
Image Copyright Toby Keller

Anyway, be sure to read Andy's post, and visit Toby's site - now linked to our
O. Winston Links page - in the Resources Section of The Nocturnes!


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