Sunday, July 08, 2007

Meet The Nocturnes / Meet the Press

It's been a banner couple of days for nocturnal reading, of late!

First, we received word that an interview with our own Tom Paiva is now available online at in their Night Photography Issue. You have to register, but it's free for a huge PDF of the entire issue.

Next word is, that the July/August issue of Architecture Boston is devoted to the "night" - with an article on "The Tradition and Technology of Night Photography" penned by our East Coast affilliate, Lance Keimig. Lots of PDFs here as well - Lance's piece is entitled "Shooting the Moon."

Finally, none other than the Victorville Press (CA) ran an article about Troy Paiva's desert excursions with a camera and cadre of illuminants.

Can you match the article to the image of author above?

Look for the promised follow-up to the "Long Moments" post below - in the next few days . . .

(from The Nocturnes NightNews feed)