Sunday, November 29, 2009

Of interest to Mare Island Nocturnes . . .

Today's SF Chronicle gives an update on redevelopment of Mare Island - and a sort of cautionary tale for the citizens of San Francisco.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Notes (but no more than two . . .)

Legendary bassist Scott LaFaro is featured in the Holiday 2009 issue of BassPlayer magazine, as well as the December issue of Jazz Times.

With a life cut way too short (auto accident in 1961, age 25) Mr. LaFaro. nonetheless became a huge influence on future bassists as diverse as Charlie Haden, Miroslav Vitous, Jaco Pastorius, Jack Casady; and is credited by many (like the late SF Chronicle's Jazz Critic Ralph J. Gleason) for giving bass players a "voice," heretofore unheard.

Also released this fall: a book by LaFaro's sister ("Jade Visions: The Life and Music of Scott LaFaro"), and a CD of a Practice Session with Bill Evans ( The essential record of LaFaro's brilliance as a bassist, and of Evan's trio-work remains the 3CD set: "Bill Evans, The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings, 1961."

Yet another "Dream Date?" (see below) - this video of "29 Palms" in which Robert continues the chase of his desert muse.

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("29 Palms / I feel the heat of your desert heart / Leading me back down the road / that leads back to you")

Friday, November 20, 2009

An Other Dream Date . . .

Doesn't the setting for this video (one of my faves) just look like something out near Tecopa or Shoshone in the Mojave? Anyone recognize it? - the video is from 1983, I believe.

BTW, Joe Reifer, guest instructor for our recent trek to Death Valley, has posted some images, found items, and commentary from the trip to his Web site and Blog. My images from the trip will be posted shortly - soon as I scan the film!

Is it time to go back, yet?

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