Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Announcing an exciting new photo location!

"I'm a space cowboy
Bet you werent ready for that
I'm a space cowboy
I'm sure you know where its at
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."

Image credit: ESO

A European team of astronomers today announced the discovery of an earth-like (hopefully not too much alike!) planet - a mere 20.5 light years away from us. Named "Gliese 581c" (after the tiny red star it orbits) we think it will provide excellent photographic opportunities in the future for all you Nocturnes out there. A word of caution tho': in true Bizzaro alternate reality-style, things are, well a little different, on 581c. On this tiny planet, Frank Zappa was a member of "The Monkees," there are no digital cameras, and you'll be forced to render your night-scapes on way-outdated - best of 70s film technology - Tungsten balanced Kodak 160 transparency film - it's either that or Kodacolor 400 print film - a struggle even for the most devoted "reality-based" photographer!

"I was born on this rock
And I've been travelin through space
Since the moment I first realized
What all you fast talkin cats would do if you could.
You know, I'm ready for the final surprise.
There ain't no way around it
Ain't nothing to say
That's gonna satisfy my soul deep inside.
All the prayers and surveyors
Keep the whole place uptight
While it keeps on gettin darker outside."

"I'm a space cowboy
Bet you werent ready for that
I'm a space cowboy
I'm sure you know where its at
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." (by Steve Miller Blues Band)

(from The Nocturnes NightNews feed)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Campus News - on a positive note . . .

The SF Chronicle's Paul McHugh did a very interesting piece today on the Stanford ('the farm') open spaces, trails, history, etc. - with another great map (CLICK! pic to enlarge). Back in the day, Lance Keimig and I had travelled back in toward the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) dish, to photograph at night - quite a hike with tripods, gear, etc.! - haven't been back down there in years. I would be interested in finding out if anyone has been back there at night recently, say post 9/11?

(from The Nocturnes NightNews feed)
Uncommon Knowledge at City Hall

Image by Tim Baskerville

This news, from Eliza Hemenway, whose film, "Uncommon Knowledge: Closing the Books at UC Berkeley Extension" you've read about here before:

"Today's the day for Public Comments regarding the UCBE campus. If you want to make your comment in person, show up at Meeting of the Planning Commission, Room 400, City Hall around 6 PM this evening. It should be fairly lively.

"If you can't make it in person, you have until Monday to send in your written comments.Write to Paul Maltzer, Environmental Review Officer SF Planning Department 1660 Mission Street #500 San Francisco, CA 94103

"And, some news: The SF Bay Guardian ran an editorial about the campus, KQED aired a piece on The California Report this morning (including an interview with yours truly), and yesterday, the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board voted 6 to 1 in favor of the Local Landmark Designation of the UC Berkeley Extension Laguna Street Campus."

Let's be careful out there . . .

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

PhotoJournalism, Commercial/Architectural NPy

Reading/seeing Andy Frazer's Blog post (Chris Hondros - "Photojournalism at Night") got us thinking - that and an announcement of the winners of Calumet's "Morning, Noon, or Night - In Your Best Light" competition. There are many photographers working in the commercial, architectural, and industrial fields, whose work is as worthy of mention as any others on The Nocturnes (or any other) Web site[s].
Ken Fischer's image, "Reservoir Bridge, W94," taken in Central Park, was winner of the Calumet competition and a perfect example of what we are speaking of. Part of his award includes an article on his lighting techniques, published in the April issue of Studio Photography - Look for it!

Image Copyright Ken Fischer

Closer to home, fellow Nocturne/Educator Tom Paiva's commercial work fits this niche nicely, bridging the gap between maritime/industrial photography and fine art Night Photography (how he talks his clients into this, we're not sure!).

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two sides of a story . . .

From the last couple of days - two very different perspectives on two unique landscapes (again different, but similar) in the Bay Area - The Presidio and Angel Island (areas well known and cherished by The Nocturnes).

In a Times-Herald (Vallejo) article, Steve Geissinger paints a picture of State Parks in peril - due to severe lack of funding, and interviews Dave Matthews (no, not that DM!), Supervising Ranger at Angel Island State Park - read the article here.

Image by Charity Vargas

On a more postive note, yesterday the Chron ran a front page item by Chuck Squatriglia, Chronicle Staff Writer, about a 'big gift' the Presidio recently rec'd for more trail development, overlooks, campgrounds, etc. Including a great new map,you check out that article here.

This might be as good a moment as any to mention one of our other local favorites - Photographer Charity Vargas (image of the Internet Archive, from her Presidio project, appears above) who has a special affinity for the Presidio, as do we. Charity was in my U.C. Berkeley Night Photography course last fall, and is part of the rather active (maybe hyperactive?) Night Lights Photo Group - and, she also has a blog!

Friday, April 06, 2007

No Stopping - Nocturne Crossing

Image by Tim Baskerville

Done on location for our nighttime shoot at Yerba Buena gardens, this image is from the current Night Photography Workshop, held at RayKo Photo Center in the Museum District of San Francisco. Class runs thru April 19, 2007. (Click! on image to read the fine print).