Saturday, May 25, 2013

The deal I'm making . . .

(A series of posts leading up to/including The Nocturnes Photo Tour in the West of Ireland, July 15-25, 2013; with a personal Genealogical Research Extension, in and around Ballina, up in County Mayo, July 25-29)

I remember, on an earlier trip to the West of Ireland - I believe it was in 1985 - and a brilliant sunny day; Susan and I were heading South into Galway on N84 (we had just come down from Mayo, where we visited with our good friend, photographer Ron Rosenstock). We were driving down a long plain, when we first heard a new song on the radio by Kate Bush. Seeing the rolling hills in the distance, just out of reach in time and space, it was clear that we had made quite a deal with god . . .

The song - obviously, deeply associated with that specific time and place, when first encountered - has reappeared in my memory sharing a history, with certain small personal events. Like the time Olwen (our first Golden Retriever) was off-leash in the Presidio of San Francisco, running free . . . and, she just kept going - something wild, untamed about those moments - when I wasn't sure she was even going to come back!

From The [not so] Daily Nocturne

(With no problems . . .)

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