Saturday, September 30, 2006

Blackie of Tiburon

So now, we're recommending children's books? Actually, I just listened to an interview with Christopher Cerf and Paige Peterson, authors of "Blackie, the Horse Who Stood Still". The connection between the story of this beloved horse who "mostly stood still," the "slow growth" movement, and the preservaton of Open Space (a beloved topic here at The Nocturnes) is undeniable.

The true story of this horse who stood still in a pasture brings a tear to the eye and is worth having a look at, I think - for the backstory, alone!

Read more at SFGate:

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Like rolling off a Blog . . .

So, yesterday, under the heading “Another Night Photography Blog?” - we got the nod from Andy Frazer on his blog - - guess we've arrived, no?

Photo by Andy Frazer

It was my intent, right up front, to mention some key Night Photographers, Web sites, and blogs that anyone visiting here should check out, but Andy ‘scooped’ me (not unusual) again! Andy's blog and Web site - - were up at the top of that list.

Thanks are always in order . . .

(Note: Only THREE Blogs, Andy?)

Altered States - September 30 Presentation

Hmm-m - smells like NPy spirit, to me! (ed.)

"California's spiritual landscape is as diverse as its natural surroundings. and acclaimed cultural critic Erik Davis’ 45-min. slideshow, The Visionary State, weaves voice and image into a compelling narrative of religion, architecture, and consciousness, from neo-paganism to televangelism, UFO cults to austere Zen Buddhism. Davis brings together the immigrant and homegrown religious influences, part of the region's character from its earliest days, drawing connections between seemingly unlike traditions and celebrating the diversity of California's spiritual composition. Michael Rauner's evocative photographs depict the sites and structures where these traditions have taken root and flourished. PLUS Aron Ranen’s, Powerand Control: LSD in the ‘60s, a peripatetic journey to discover the secret history of psychedelics, with Ram Dass, Krassner, and MK-ULTRA experts." (SquidList)

September 30, 2006
08:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Venue Information

Other Cinema
992 Valencia

SF CA 94110

Additional Event Information 648 0654

Also, of note: An interview with erik Davis at

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Monday, September 25, 2006

September 29 - Exhibition, Lecture, Booksigning - SFAI's Photography Dept's 60th Anniversary

Founded by Ansel Adams, directed by Minor White, and staffed by such luminaries as Imogen Cunningham, Dorothea Lange, Lisette Model, and Edward Weston, the first fine-art photography department in the US was created in 1946 at San Francisco Art Institute (then called the California School of Fine Arts). In honor of the 60th anniversary of the Photography Department, SFAI presents a series of events including an exhibition, lecture, alumni day, and the launching of The Moment of Seeing: Minor White at the California School of Fine Arts, published by Chronicle Books. Several alumni from the first decade of photography classes, 1946–56, will be attending the celebration and exhibiting their work in The First Decade: 1946–1956, Alumni Photography from SFAI, on view in SFAI’s Diego Rivera Gallery September 25 - 30.

September 29, 6:00pm

The Moment of Seeing: Minor White And The California School Of Fine Arts
A lecture hosted by Deborah Klochko
September 29, 7:30pm, SFAI Lecture Hall

September 29, 9:00pm, SFAI Café

September 30, 10:30–2:30pm, SFAI, panel discussion and lunch with RSVP to Open to the public.


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