Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Warren Bates, Night Photographer

"I'll learn to work the saxophone

I'll play just what I feel
Drink Scotch whisky all night long
And die behind the wheel . . ."
(Deacon Blues by Steely Dan)

A flurry of emails came in late this afternoon - fellow Night Photographer Warren Bates  "died in the place he loved best" - on Route 66, in the great American desert. Ironically, he was killed in his vehicle, hit by an oncoming train. I, like many got to 'know' Warren Bates thru his NPy - in my case, thru The Nocturnes NPy online exhibit, "The Color of Night" in which his "Bagdad Train" (seen below) was a Best of Show award winner. The image, one of our all-time favorites, also appeared in our 1st retrospective: "Best of The Nocturnes Online"

Of the image, the two jurors - Troy Paiva and Larry Thomson - had this say:
Juror one: "The subtle use of added lighting merely helps describe the story rather than become the story itself. I love the double meanings, depth and movement. That little wink of yellow light on the post is just right too..

Juror two: "Wow! I love how this shot portrays the desolation of this place. There's the sign, the light trails and. well, a lot of nothing vanishing off into the distance. Excellent use of motion as the passing light trails imply that Bagdad isn't even a stop along the way anymore . . ."

Read Andy Frazer's blog for more recollections, with a link to the Las Vegas-Review Journal (he worked for them) article about Warren.

That's about all I can say . . .

("Call me Deacon Blues")

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im fan of your photographs, they are beautiful, i always tell people who as me about tips for shooting in the dark that its very important to experiment with iso settings and exposure. You never know what might turn out to be the most beautiful picture ever taken.

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