Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dennis Hopper 1936-2010
Dennis Hopper - actor, director, Hollywood upstart and all-around raconteur - died today, after a long bout with prostate cancer. Just this March he appeared in public, to accept his 'star' on Hollywood's Walk of Fame (he had just taken a fall, smashing his eyeglasses, the day before - something I can relate to . . . ) - bandaged and looking frail, he made it there - but it was bittersweet.
 Dennis Hopper, as he appeared in Apocalypse Now (1979)
Hopper was also - a painter, sculptor and - not many people know this - a photographer - who published a book of Night Photography titled "Bucharest Nights" in 2005.

From The [not so] Daily Nocturne

("This is the way the fucking world ends . . ." - from Apocalyse Now)

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