Saturday, August 11, 2007

"How do you know when you're in Texas?"

This thing (CLICK! to enlarge) has me in stiches! On a recent trip fellow Nocturne Manu Schnetzler captured the images necessary to create this panoramic view of a Texan landscape.

His story (presumably he's sticking to it) follows.

"Landing in Houston early August, the first sign that we're now in Texas is the heat, and the humidity - even at 1am, in the middle of the night. Picking up my rental car, the real sign that we're in the oil capital of the US is the row of cars waiting patiently under the Avis signs.

"Like a tame herd of gas guzzlers, the red, white and blue (patriotic?) - and a few yellow (the ribbon?) - monsters are lined up patiently waiting for proud drivers to pick them up. What can a herd of Hummers stuck in an Avis parking lot be dreaming of?

"I think I'll stick to my compact car."
(Thanks to Greta for the title)

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