Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two sides of a story . . .

From the last couple of days - two very different perspectives on two unique landscapes (again different, but similar) in the Bay Area - The Presidio and Angel Island (areas well known and cherished by The Nocturnes).

In a Times-Herald (Vallejo) article, Steve Geissinger paints a picture of State Parks in peril - due to severe lack of funding, and interviews Dave Matthews (no, not that DM!), Supervising Ranger at Angel Island State Park - read the article here.

Image by Charity Vargas

On a more postive note, yesterday the Chron ran a front page item by Chuck Squatriglia, Chronicle Staff Writer, about a 'big gift' the Presidio recently rec'd for more trail development, overlooks, campgrounds, etc. Including a great new map,you check out that article here.

This might be as good a moment as any to mention one of our other local favorites - Photographer Charity Vargas (image of the Internet Archive, from her Presidio project, appears above) who has a special affinity for the Presidio, as do we. Charity was in my U.C. Berkeley Night Photography course last fall, and is part of the rather active (maybe hyperactive?) Night Lights Photo Group - and, she also has a blog!

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J Bryan said...

I'm from Florida and was out in the SF Bay Area for 3 days a month ago. I drove down to Big Sur for some photography on the half day I had free and was stunned to see the outrageous entry fees. $9 ! to get in a park.

No wonder that the CA parks lack public support. Florida which has just again won the award for the best parks in the country charges $3-4 a carload to get in a park. Some are free. The parks are very popular and mainly self supporting.

There is a documentary stamp tax that goes to buy new parks, not maintain old ones, and Florida is adding 10 or more parks a year to the system.

I don't think you could call the Park Rangers well paid but they freely admit that they took the jobs, which are highly sought, knowing that they were giving up income in exchange for living in a park.

I can easily see why the CA parks are in trouble.