Tuesday, April 17, 2007

PhotoJournalism, Commercial/Architectural NPy

Reading/seeing Andy Frazer's Blog post (Chris Hondros - "Photojournalism at Night") got us thinking - that and an announcement of the winners of Calumet's "Morning, Noon, or Night - In Your Best Light" competition. There are many photographers working in the commercial, architectural, and industrial fields, whose work is as worthy of mention as any others on The Nocturnes (or any other) Web site[s].
Ken Fischer's image, "Reservoir Bridge, W94," taken in Central Park, was winner of the Calumet competition and a perfect example of what we are speaking of. Part of his award includes an article on his lighting techniques, published in the April issue of Studio Photography - Look for it!

Image Copyright Ken Fischer

Closer to home, fellow Nocturne/Educator Tom Paiva's commercial work fits this niche nicely, bridging the gap between maritime/industrial photography and fine art Night Photography (how he talks his clients into this, we're not sure!).

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