Sunday, March 13, 2016

A great time to be Irish, and a good time to be in Ireland

Taking my cue from the KALW (91.7 FM) broadcast of "Folk Music and Beyond" last night (see Playlist and Podcast) with an Irish theme - for upcoming St. Patrick's Day, March 17th. and tonight's transmission of "Hearts of Space" with Steven Hill and an "all things Celtic" theme.

Ah-h yes, it's another Irish Spring!

At this time in the new year, these not-so-subtle reminders, stir up an all too familiar response - this year with some new perspectives, new connections. Remembering Ireland, in this special time, this special year in Irish history.

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the Rising in Dublin, Easter Monday,1916. We have already posted  news of the Irish-American Crossroads Festival schedule (here in San Francisco) thru April 3; and a recent post featuring Liam Neeson's narration of a new documentary about the 1916 Irish Rebellion to be broadcast on PBS stations the last week of March. There will be articles, mention of events, concerts, etc throughout the year, but a lot is focused on the months of March and April (Easter time).

These elements form the backdrop, fueled (always) by the music, as we build out another PhotoTour to the West of Ireland, October 10 - 20, 2016.

I just read a Timothy Egan piece in the Online New York Times: "Irish Spring" in which he points out some reasons for this year's "more than the usual excess of Celtic pride."

He says: "What should be celebrated this week — in verse, song, speechifying and toasting — is the triumph of the Irish spirit, a lesson about humanity’s resilience. The challenge of the Irish has been to translate a history of famine and oppression, exile and humiliation into a life of possibility."

What we aim to do here, in the Social Media space (and later in the year, in Ireland) is to curate some of the more interesting Irish history, music, and photography Web sites, Blogs, Instagrams. To that end, we have renamed The Nocturnes NPy Blog and we have made a vow to post daily - from St. Patrick's Day to Easter Monday, and beyond - missives to this Blog, to Facebook, to Instagram, etc. - for followers of this space, workshop attendees, potential and frequent travelers to Ireland, and all those interested in "all things Ireland."

So . . .

Is this the year you take that PhotoTour in the West of Ireland?

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