Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jaguars . . . on Mare Island?

Advance notice - this is NOT what we will be photographing at our next AlumNight on Mare Island - late February or early March!
(A while back, this was pointed out to me by some of the ‘usual suspects' of The Nocturnes. Recognize any of the locations? Is that Building 253 the cars are streaming into, at the 17 second mark? There's always someone making a film or commercial somewhere on the Island.)

From The [not so] Daily Nocturne


bikejohn said...

I had noticed something familiar about the setting the first time I saw the ad. The next time I saw it I realized it was Mare Island. And of course it was filmed at night so that made it easier to recognize!

Will said...

I was there that night, Tim -- it was pretty cool. Two humorous things: first, they stopped showing the driver's side of the red car after the driver wracked it up on a stanchion; second, there was probably a million dollars or so of lighting equipment there and the lighting director had been the lighting director for American Graffiti -- nonetheless, the crew stood around comparing their iPhone pictures during the shoot!

Steve J said...

Funny you posted this, as I had it on my to-do list to send you a note about this. I saw the ad over the weekend, and had a reaction of "that looks oddly familiar" until I rewound and watched it again to confirm.

Nice to see others recognizing how great it looks there at night.