Monday, December 27, 2010

"The Nocturnes: 20/Ten"
           Chicago - Foggy Day, Clear Night © Philip Coleman

Our latest online exhibit of Night Photography, The Nocturnes: 20/Ten, is now available for viewing here. This show introduces a little diferent format than seen in our previous biennials, in that the final selections by the Jurors was limited to Twenty pieces by Ten artists - "Twenty/Ten."

Why not have a look, or two - and let us know what you think, by leaving a comment below.

(From the desk of The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man)


jonesrk said...

Overall the images are pleasing but I think that it is time to separate images into two divisions - one for those with true photographic skills as evidenced by the raw image and a separate one for those who are masters in the use of Photoshop or any other digital manipulation software.

Tyler Busby said...

I really like the mood set by the steam and the light from the door in The Devil's Garage photo, nice work. When are entries for this exhibit held?