Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stormy Nocturne

With the return of precip to northern California (rare in June!) we're thinking a lot of those long walks from the past winter - the rain-slickened streets, fast-moving storm clouds, abrupt bursts of rainfall, wild looking skies - mostly done around twilight and a little later . . .

. . . And this video by Clannad with a young upstart named Bono. Back in the day, one could imagine Máire (of the family Ní Bhraonáin), Bono, and their respective bandmates sitting 'round the turf-fire, after a hard day walking the bogs and famine roads (filming music videos!) in the West of Ireland, drifting in and out of bits of conversation in Gaelic. Of course, this was before Bono decided to save/direct the world's billions of people (and U2's billions of €uros!).

While not in a league with Joe Reifer's (he belongs to a league? - who knew!) infamous walks - one covered the length of Mission Street, another all of Geary Street/Blvd, and the current "Every Street in Albany" (hm-mm, maybe we should have a William Kennedy quote here) - these evening walks on Mare Island provided relaxation, exercise, reflection, and a time/space to ponder new connections between twilight, photography, literature, the Celtic world, the canine world, and how the medium/gear shapes our message.

More about this, to follow.

(In a lifetime . . . )

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Joe Reifer said...

Listening to music, walking around, photographing -- these are a few of my favorite things. Oh, and my favorite league is this one.