Saturday, May 09, 2009

Words . . .

"Singing words, words, between the lines of age."
- Words by Neil Young

So, what happened to Conscientious, Jörg Colberg's weblog about fine-art photography (linked, over on the right side of this Blog)? For a brief period last week, we asked the same question.

Turns out to be a (not-so-short, I'm sure!) "three-day meltdown" of his hosting service. Temporarily, there is Conscientious In Limbo, where we found this post today (Saturday, May 9) in which the author discusses artist statements, words, "crits," and who defines one's work. We fully agree with this statement from the blog: "Listen, if you can't tell what your work is all about, someone else will define it for you."

Good to see you're still Conscientious, Jörg!

(" . . . I'm sitting here hoping this water will boil.")

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