Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blue Nocturne

Bonneville Speedway, Study VI by Adam Kuehl

Our latest online exhibit of Night Photography is now available for viewing here. Why not have a look or two and let us know what you think, by leaving a comment below.

(From the desk of The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man)


Teresa said...

Thanks again, Tim and Susan for having the chance to exhibit on-line which is a great opportunity. Your juror, Stu, was constructive and entertaining with his comments. I enjoyed seeing all the wicked BLUE nocturnes. I may even try my hand at color even though I am a black and white purist ! Cheers, Teresa

Alan Grinberg said...

Wonderful collection of night photos, and Stu did a great job of choosing and writing about his approach.

My only (hopefully constructive) criticism is that the winners' page should feature the winning photos, not the juror's. A separate link to Stu's photos would be preferable, and of course very interesting.

Alan Grinberg

Oh, by the way, the "smudges" on "Lunar Eclipse and Wolf" are birds flying.