Friday, August 29, 2008

The Nocturnes - OFF LIMITS - for a bit

Well now, we've really done it! The previously-mentioned and many-times-delayed migration to the new server takes place over the next 72 hours. During this period (Labor Day, indeed!) you might SEE a cached view of The Nocturnes Web site, or you might get NOTHING for your efforts. Emails to the site are also disabled temporarily (ah-h-h, peace and quiet!). This blog however, will be fully functioning and if you need to get/keep in touch, that is an option. Immediately after this period, service WILL continue to be interrupted – hopefully, just for a few more days, but expect delays in getting ALL the pages/depts back up and running.

Why migrate, you may ask? A few simple reasons: cost for additional bandwidth, efficiency, and brute storage. This is an important move, as it will enable us to expand the current Gallery space to include some new international artists who’ve expressed interest in participating in our little show’n’tell. BTW, if you would like to deepen your participation in The Nocturnes – that would be one path – to join the growing list of gallery artists. The annual fee is yet to be determined, but it should be modest, and helps us cover the increased bandwidth and the need for the move to the new server.

(This ain't off limits anymore . . . )

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