Friday, May 16, 2008

Sail the Moon . . .

Latest Lunar Eclipse w/ "Ghost Ship" sculpture (site - MISHP)
NPy by Tim Baskerville

Now, related to the Open Space stories below, this past weekend the nascent Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve held an "Access Day" in the normally "off-limits" southern tip (site of the proposed regional park) of Mare Island at the Carquinez Strait. These monthly "Second Saturday Access Days" are hosted by Arc Ecology. Contact: Myrna Hayes, Volunteer North Bay Projects Manager for Arc Ecology, myrnahay[at]pacbell[dot]net, or call 707-557-9816.

The public may walk, hike or bicycle on the paved roads enjoying scenic vistas of 7 Bay Area counties, as well as the cultural, military and natural features of the area.

The next scheduled Access Day is set for Saturday, June 14, 2008 - so, mark your calendars. Groups meet at The Preserve entrance gate at the deadend of Railroad Ave on Mare Island. For directions: enter the park name into Google Maps .

For more info re: The Preserve, visit the SF Bay Flyway festival Web site

And, look for The Nocturnes to hold a nighttime event at The Preserve real soon!

("How you gonna keep off the preserve, once they've seen the sights?"


Andy Frazer said...


That ghost ship photograph is very interesting. Is it yours? Any comments about where it was taken?

Andy Frazer

Tim Baskerville said...

Yeah, that's a fun thing - sculpture done after MINSy - Mare Island Naval Shipyard - closed in 1996, and commemorates the 500+ ships built on-island during the 142 year history. Stainless steel ship 'ID tags' bang against the frame and each other in the wind! Thought you had been up to the site before - highest point on Mare Island at around 285 ft - quite a view!