Monday, March 17, 2008

Darkness, Darkness

"Darkness, darkness, be my pillow,
Take my hand, and let me sleep.
In the coolness of your shadow,
In the silence of your deep."
(Darkness, Darkness lyrics by Jesse Colin Young)

Nightscape 1, 9:43pm by Mark Jaremko

Well, it looks like Andy Frazer and Joe Reifer have "scooped" me again. That's really okay tho - all three of us ("the NPy Bloggers") are in the "Darkness, Darkness" exhibit (along with fellow Nocturnes instructors Mark Jaremko, Lance Keimig and Tom Paiva, as well as Alumni Suzanne Friedrich) opening back at Three Columns Gallery at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. and we're nothing if not a laissez-faire-type community. The show runs from March 18 through April 30, with an opening reception March 19, at5:30pm.

Described as "An Exhibit of Contemporary American Night Photography," it includes work by NPy pioneers Steve Harper and Arthur Ollman, as well as Troy Paiva of, and other illuminaries of the NPy world.

Get all the details here. Also, have a look at the "Resources" of the D2 site - lots of "nocturnal fodder" there!

(From the desk of The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man)

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