Sunday, February 10, 2008

Simply titled "Nocturnes"

Waiting at the Crossing, Lincoln, NE 1993 by Chris Faust
Having seen the panoramic night work (done with a rare Cirkut rotational panorama camera) of Chris Faust previously, I was curious to see just what format his new book would take. I am pleased to announce that the review copy I recently received from the Univ. of Minnesota Press is a beautifully designed 9x15 (Horizontal) monograph, with an introduction by Joan Rothfuss of the Walker Art Center. Chris braves the rough Minnesota winters to photograph scenes that recall Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Hopper (our favorite NPr who did not use a camera) - with a little bit of 'snow-noir' thrown in for good measure.

One of our favorite soundbites, from the Photographer's Notes in the book, where Chris makes the point: "To make a photograph is still magical and soulful, very much like making Music."

The book is simply titled "Nocturnes" (catchy, no?) and is available thru The Nocturnes link to Amazon
(Like music to our ears . . . )


Tim Baskerville said...
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Tim Baskerville said...

Hear Chris Faust discuss (for the better part of an hour) his work and many aspects of photographnig at night on Minnesota Public Radio

wayne said...

it is true what Chris said, making night photos is especially like playing music.
I've done both for many years, yet never drew the comparison.
great blog,
wayne powell