Sunday, July 08, 2007

Meet The Nocturnes / Meet the Press

It's been a banner couple of days for nocturnal reading, of late!

First, we received word that an interview with our own Tom Paiva is now available online at in their Night Photography Issue. You have to register, but it's free for a huge PDF of the entire issue.

Next word is, that the July/August issue of Architecture Boston is devoted to the "night" - with an article on "The Tradition and Technology of Night Photography" penned by our East Coast affilliate, Lance Keimig. Lots of PDFs here as well - Lance's piece is entitled "Shooting the Moon."

Finally, none other than the Victorville Press (CA) ran an article about Troy Paiva's desert excursions with a camera and cadre of illuminants.

Can you match the article to the image of author above?

Look for the promised follow-up to the "Long Moments" post below - in the next few days . . .

(from The Nocturnes NightNews feed)


Steve Harper said...

It is really quite a shock to see a group shot of your "children" and see that they have turned out to be such a hairy group!

Skyephoto said...

What I want to know, is which one's Ringo?

Tim Baskerville said...

Well, I will say that on the original cover art, Ringo is in the one on the lower right. Paralels?

Lost America said...
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Lost America said...

Parallels? Maybe it's time for my solo career to begin.

Skyephoto said...

Yeah, but I've got the schnoz to be Ringo... and i can't sing worth a damn.

Steve Harper said...

This is unrelated to my original comment, but in appreciation for your comments on my flickr site about the "Asleep - 4.5 Hours" image and to congratulate you for getting on nlickr with your own TheNocturnes site!

Paul McCartney's single "Dear Friends" is now on iTunes! Touching and great!

I never inclined much towards Ringo, so am ill equipped to make a judgement on which of you deserves that title!

Here is my reply to your flickr comments:

>> Hi, Tim Baskerville - Publisher of!

It is an honor to have you visit this site. Welcome to flickr with TheNocturnes site! I have always recommended the web pages to anyone who is interested in the History and Current Events that are happening in Night Photography.

Yes, after an hiatus, of around 10 years,being away from teaching and photographing, apparently lost in the mists of forgetfulness, both you and Richard Ackermann, a good friend and great computer programmer were instrumental in bringing me back into the public eye.

Richard's staff designed my web page: and shortly, thereafter, you tyhrew the Mono Lake Night Photography Conference at which I was the Honored Guest.

Not only did that revive my spirit, it impelled me towards photographing again - which has led to this flickr site.

The one detail I did not plan properly when doing the 4.5 hours alseep image is the color of the pillow. It should have been dark because, beding one of the lighter spots in the image it immediately draws attention to its shape. Many people do not even see that my head in on it!

Thank you for your comments on it that image and I wish Joe (Reifer) would post that image he took of me at Mono Lake with a story of its relativity on his flickr site so everyone could see what that is about.
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Steve Harper said...

ps: I think you are the winner of the "LONGEST COMMENT on FLICKR" Award!

Andy Frazer said...

Tim, the link to Troy's article in the Victorville Press does not seem to be correct.


Andy Frazer said...

I have to admit this is one album I would hesitate to purchase based on the album cover photograph :-).

Thanks for sharing this great news. It was great to read this when I came back from vacation.

Tim Baskerville said...

Re: Victorville Press link - they must archive articles after a few days - the URL was swapped out.

It's fixed now! Thanks Andy!