Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We're all Photographers on this bus . . .

There is an interesting lecture happening May 31, 6pm at the Main Library in San Francisco - part of an exhibit, Breakthrough: An Amateur Photography Revolution. that studies the cataclysmic changes in the praxis of photography in the digital age.

With a guest panel that includes Caterina Fake (!), Co- Founder, Flickr - it should prove to be an interesting night/discussion. Surely someone will bring up the whole Icelandic photographer Rebekka Gu├░leifsd├│ttira (Flickr name rebekka) episode with Flickr/Yahoo, et al. (backstory here and here) - and if not, they, should!

All the details re: show and lecture are at: and

(thanks to Halle Merrill)

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