Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Flash[light] Mob descends on Bay area - Part Three

Image Copyright Roberto Renzetti

The third portion of the progam for this year's Early March of The Nocturnes AlumNight/Etc. festivities involved a late night 'shoot' Sunday night, over at China Camp - never an easy task, as it turns out! Despite assurances by all the uniformed entities, we STILL had problems with staying in the park after dark to photograph (never confuse getting permission with getting a PERMIT!). It all worked out tho,' and a great time was had by all (see above image). But I would say this: "Don't try this yourselves, kids!"

So that is what we'll do for next time - "get it in writing" - we have the Liability Insurance, so that's covered, and we've done this before - our Angel Island Photo Camp, Yerbe Buena Gardens, the Joshua Tree 'Shop in the fall, etc - so we're not alien to the process. Just thought we could bypass some of this 'red tape,' somehow. Alas, that seems a pre-911 dream . . . (the BLM is even getting into the Act - for our upcoming Death Valley Workshop!)

So if there was ever any doubt as to where all your hard-earned Nocturnal entertainment dollars are going - there's your answer . . .

End of "China Camp Massacree" rant.

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