Monday, February 12, 2007

Sweet Sweep Suite

So, do we think that a certain television, on a certain ranch, near a certain Texas town known as Crawford, was tuned into the Grammys last night? And what do you think a certain viewer of said television thought of the 'goings-on?' None other than Joan Baez (herself no stranger to 'shut up and sing' right-leaning directives) introduced the Dixie Chicks, who performed their hit anthem, "Not Ready to Make Nice" (NRTMN).

A great pop song, expertly tuned into a viewpoint (more prevalent, daily, I'm afraid) - the likes of which we haven't seen much of since the late sixties (remember "Ohio" by CSNY; or "What are their Names" by the same-mentioned David Crosby). And, not since Grace Slick's performances with the Jefferson Airplane have we seen such vitriol aimed at a president and an administration (also, it can said, in the group's more nihilistic period - toward a society, in general) - and the Chicks managed it without all the profanity that characterized the Grace Slick works!

As Natalie Maines (she, the author of those offending 15 words) said as they accepted the 3rd (or was it the 4th Grammy): “I’m very humbled and I think people were using their voice the same way this loudmouth did.”

Later, accepting their 5th Grammy, Ms. Maines added: "I think people are using their freedom of speech with all these awards. We get the message."

Indeed - let the discussion begin!

P.S. And was Gnarls Barkley's (DJ/producer Danger Mouse and vocalist/rapper Cee-Lo) performance great, or what!

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